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I write short stories. I own surprisingly few pairs of shorts. I sometimes short circuit.
"Alana" sounds like "A lotta" = A lotta shorts.

Take the title however you like.

Saturday, January 23, 2010


I'm over here!

See you there :)

Friday, January 8, 2010


I'm working on some, I guess you could say, semi-autobiographical essays.
Here's an excerpt from one called "Belonging" which, in truth, is wholly autobiographical.

I went home for Christmas again. My third year of living out of the country....

As we drove around to various places – the mall, Starbucks – a sort of disconcerting feeling began to creep up on me. The seed was planted as we first entered my hometown around 3AM Saturday morning. New stores had popped up. Old stores had gone or been redone. The landscape had changed significantly. But since it was for the better – Target! – it didn’t register as startling but as welcome....
Then we went to New York and everything fell apart. It didn’t help that we went wandering around Chelsea where I’d never wandered before. But for the subway stations and the horrid smell of freshly washed sidewalks, I would have said I’d never been there in my life. This, my favorite city in the world. This, the place where I had the best year and a half of my life. Though, I have begun to think I’ve romanticized the memory to the point of corruption.

The seed had sprouted and grown roots. That night I sat on the edge of the tub, trying not to cry, wondering who I was. Canada had become more familiar to me than my hometown in Pennsylvania. New York had become like a stranger who looks like someone you know, but isn’t. You call out their name or tap their shoulder and when they turn around, you realize – to your embarrassment – you’re looking into the confused eyes of a stranger.

How did I come to find so much identity in a place? In a geographical location?

Saturday, October 24, 2009

A leaf in the wind blew

A leaf in the wind blew
Dashing left and right.

It passed a pile of raked-up leaves
All cuddled and huddled, warm and in love.
It passed a lone leaf on a sleeping tree
Holding to its branch desperately.
“I am like that leaf there.
It’s a shame we’ll never be a pair.”

Our leaf in the wind blew
Dashing left and right.
The wind died down.
Our leaf was flushed out of sight;
Down a drain,
Drenched in rain,
Torn asunder.

The last lone leaf of the branch
Let go,
Fluttering to the ground, it asked,
“Well, what do I do now?”

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