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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sasha & Chuck: Part Three

[Read Episodes ONE & TWO]

Sasha hovered above her penthouse apartment, breathing heavily. Facing an enemy, some unknown fool in tights, that was one thing. But facing your sworn enemy who is also, sort of, the other woman is just another thing altogether and Sasha wasn’t quite sure she was up for it.
She swooped around on her whirlwind and landed silently on the balcony. She kept it spinning, just in case, as she tapped a code into the keypad which cleared the windows of the film that kept them one-way. Her apartment appeared empty and everything in its place. But Chuck’s words echoed in her ears, “Don’t go inside until you know it’s safe.”
Sasha tapped in another code and the lights burst on inside. Still looked clear. Sasha dissipated her ride into the atmosphere and turned the face of her watch two clicks counterclockwise, a full turn clockwise, a quarter turn counterclockwise and then a half turn back.
See, the world was split into Eight Zones – including each of the world’s continents and their surrounding bodies of water and/or ice. These were Asia, the Middle East and North Africa, Europe, North America, Central America and the Caribbean, South America, South Africa, and Oceania [Australia and surrounding islands].
Each Zone had a Stupendous Seven - a squad of superheroes who looked over the inhabitants of the Zone, keeping criminals in line and saving the innocent from the occasional Super Villain. 
Although not a part of this story, it is worth noting that The Fire Zone - the Middle East and North Africa - had become so overrun with poverty, disease and evil humans – dictators, warlords, guerrilla commanders and terrorists – that it had become largely impenetrable and its case was being discussed in the Super Courts. The rulings were to set a wide-sweeping standard of how involved Heroes should be and when they should leave humanity up to its own devices.
But back to Sasha’s watch. It was vital that each member of the Zone have direct communication with each other at all times: the watches. There was a code for everyone, dialed using the face of the watch. Speakers and a microphone were built into the watches, invisible to the eye. The watches also had a unique protection feature: they knew, using DNA and fingerprinting, exactly who they belonged to so that if they were dialed when not in direct contact with the wrist of its wearer and by foreign fingers they would not work.
The watch lit neon green to signal that she’d made contact.
“You ok?” Chuck answered.
“Yea, everything looks fine. I’ve got the lights on – it all looks normal. I’m going inside.”
“I wish you had let me come with you. Or you could have stayed here. You know you always have a room.”
Sasha sighed. She wished she had stayed there. She didn’t want to be alone tonight. But she had to keep the boundaries up or she knew she’d end up dating Chuck again. And the last time that happened…
“I know. Thank you. But I’m here now. It’s all clear. Let’s just get some sleep and I’ll give you a call in the morning.” She managed.
“Alright. Good night. Arm your system and double check the doors.” Chuck said, obviously unhappy with her decision.
“I will. You, too.”
Sasha kept her invisibility coat on as she punched in her final code and slipped into the apartment. She locked the door behind her and fogged up the windows again. After a sweep of the apartment and feeling more relaxed, Sasha hung up her coat and got ready for bed.
As she exited her en suite bathroom, one of her bedside chairs swirled around to face her and in it sat, what appeared to be, a ball of light. Suddenly, as if alive, it swiftly took the form of a man. It was more the luminous outline of a man.
Sasha had never seen him before but instantly she knew who he was. She’d grown up on stories of him. He was the reason she’d join the Forces, determined to use her powers to fight evil.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sasha & Chuck: Con't


Beasley sat slumped over in a corner, not moving. Sasha and Chuck ran to him, Chuck sliding to his knees and thrusting two fingers under Beasley's jaw.

"He's alive."

Sasha reached down and pulled a piece of paper out of his hand. She read it aloud.

"Aren't secret hideaways supposed to be...secret?"


Beasley sat, although sat may have been too active a word for someone who had just fainted, in one of the over-sized plush chair in the library. Sasha blew a smarting cold wind into his face to awaken him.

He was groggy at first but he rebounded like a cat.

"Sir! Chuck! Sir Chuck!"

"They haven't knighted me yet, Beasley. Just slow down and tell us what happened."

Beasley rubbed his left temple.

"Well, I was down...downstairs...I had just put all your accessories away and your suit and was waiting for the elevator - I wanted to pop up for a moment and see if the refreshments needed to be refilled. Just as the door opened... 

Just as the door opened I thought I heard a noise so I turned to look behind me. There was no one there but when I stepped in the elevator I saw a figure through the mirror, standing behind me. Next thing I knew, Sasha was blowing her Ice Breath in my face.”
Beasley rubbed his cheeks, trying to send some blood back in to warm them.
“Could you make out who it was, Beasley?” Chuck asked.
“Honestly, no. I’m sorry, Chuck. All I can remember is that whoever it was wore all black – maybe with a black mask covering their face. But it was almost a transparent sort of smoky black.”
The horrific realization rushed through them as they turned to face each other.
“Liana,” they said in unison.
An hour later Chuck had secured and re-secured the mansion and underground lair. Beasley was in bed with a cold towel on his head and Sasha was pacing the library floor. 
“I don’t see how she got in.” Chuck slumped down into a chair and rubbed his temples.
“You don’t see how she got in? Are you serious? First of all, she’s the personification of shadow and smoke. Secondly, you probably started seeing her again after we broke up, let her mist her way back in, and haven’t changed the locks since.” Sasha seethed.
“My security system is a little more complicated than just changing the locks.”
“Maybe that’s the problem. Maybe you need a good old-fashioned smoke detector.”
“Sasha, as much as I love it when you’re jealous, you’re focusing on the wrong thing right now. Nothing’s going on with Liana – she’s our archenemies! And she doesn’t hold a candle to you on her best day.”
“She’s MY archenemesis! Not yours.” Sasha pointed out.
“No. Any enemy of yours is an enemy of mine.  You know that.”
“Do I?”
“We’re not getting anywhere with this, Sasha. May I remind you that she broke into my lair, knocked out my trusted butler slash friend and left a creepy note in my elevator! If I know her…”
“And you do.” Sasha interrupted.
“If I know her,” Chuck continued forcefully, “Then this is just the beginning.”
“Of what?” Sasha couldn’t stop the accusatory tone in her voice.
“I don’t know.” Chuck said, regretfully.

As Chuck cast his eyes to the floor, searching vainly for answers in the wood grain, Sasha took a moment to study him. Her tension eased remembering then how much he did care for her.  And in turn that made her realize that if he was this concerned then she was definitely in a situation here.
“I guess I’m in real trouble, Chuck.” She said, leaning against the bookcase for support.
“I’ll protect you.” Chuck stood and walked to Sasha, taking her into his arms. She let him hold her a moment longer than she would have a few hours ago. She knew he would protect her – he’d done it before. It was how they met.
“I think I should look in on my place.” Sasha pulled away gently and left the library, heading for the coat closet in the foyer.
“I’ll come with you,” Chuck said falling into step next to her.
“No. Heroes vs. Villains 101, Chuck. We both go; we both get ambushed; we both get captured. And who’s going to save us? Leo’s laying low in Australia after taking out Dr. Viktor’s side-kick last week. Diane and Frey are fighting that Evil Robot out West and Swain is light-years away in some other galaxy, completely unreachable.”
Chuck helped Sasha on with her coat. She flipped the third button over and pushed it in, making herself invisible.
“Ok. But you send the code if even the slightest thing seems to be wrong. And don’t go inside until you know it’s safe.” Chuck said, using his heat vision to see her in reds and oranges.
“I will.” Sasha stepped outside, called up a small tornado and rode it out of sight.

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