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Sunday, June 28, 2009



Every twin I’ve ever known

(how few!)

has been

Lost to life’s inconsistency.
Lost to life’s inability to follow me;
Leaving me lost and left being drug behind.

The twin I have is like one prescribed:
So suited to my idiosyncrasies but like

a Pill.

a Remedy.

a Precaution.

a Safeguard.

Necessary. Positive. Wonderful.
But necessary.

Don’t let us kid ourselves, here:
They were never really twins.

So very close, some.
But in those fundamental ways,
Those most essential of ways


they were like strangers:
Their actions confusing, distancing.
Their reasoning perplexing at best,
Disconcerting at the worst. To the worst. To the end.
An end that has come only logistically, not internally.


And perhaps you’re not so easy to get on with yourself!

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