I write short stories. I own surprisingly few pairs of shorts. I sometimes short circuit.
"Alana" sounds like "A lotta" = A lotta shorts.

Take the title however you like.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tumbl With Me

Random posts and many reblogs


Photos I take when weird/interesting/funny/beautiful things happen. Mostly pictures of the sky for some reason but also of plastic tigers, dead flies and my bosom. (Oh, NOW you're interested, huh? Weren't gonna look until I said 'bosom', were ya?)


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I'm Lanii. I try to Be Good. It doesn't always work. "Call Me Lanii" is sort of about that - my inner and outer triumphs (what?) and struggles. "Alana Shorts" is sort of about that, too: I draw way too much inspiration from the crazy and strange events that actually happen to me and end up writing very little 'fiction'. I usually have my tongue quite thoroughly stuck in my cheek.