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Saturday, October 24, 2009

A leaf in the wind blew

A leaf in the wind blew
Dashing left and right.

It passed a pile of raked-up leaves
All cuddled and huddled, warm and in love.
It passed a lone leaf on a sleeping tree
Holding to its branch desperately.
“I am like that leaf there.
It’s a shame we’ll never be a pair.”

Our leaf in the wind blew
Dashing left and right.
The wind died down.
Our leaf was flushed out of sight;
Down a drain,
Drenched in rain,
Torn asunder.

The last lone leaf of the branch
Let go,
Fluttering to the ground, it asked,
“Well, what do I do now?”

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Lanii Be Good said...

Ugh...this started well and then fell apart. Back to the drawing board.

At least no one reads this blog....

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